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Here are Seven great perks EXCLUSIVE to YOU as an Idealliance member:

  1. Special discount pricing on Idealliance’s extensive training and certification portfolio – get your team up-to-speed on core knowledge and skills.
  2. Gain insights into your workflow and efficiencies with Idealliance Print Briefs Webinars and GAMUT Podcasts – practical information to use today in your print process and control.
  3. Easily accessible Technical Resources on color management – your how-to to improve your team and workflow.
  4. Members-only participation in our Working Groups and Networks – reengineering your workflows today and tomorrow – drop in periodically to learn what’s happening or get engaged to define your future.
  5. Get connected to your future – Idealliance creates industry standards through its leading edge Print Properties Committee and global adoption in its work with CGATS & ISO.
  6. FREE access to THE industry premier on print – the Guide to Print Production – 2021 version to be released in late 2020.
  7. Access databases for professionals and facilities that are certified by Idealliance – the world’s largest certifying organization in print – are you a CERTIFIED Professional or Facility?

And stay tuned as we continually expand our knowledge portfolio for you and your team!