Free access to industry leading certification courses for all students, educators, and print center team members

This membership offering is specifically for Higher Education organizations in the graphic communications industry. The Idealliance Higher Ed Membership program provides all the benefits of regular Idealliance organizational membership at a much lower cost.

This special Higher Education Membership is only $350/year and covers all faculty, students, and print center employees—and includes access to over 89 hours of professional certification training.

How it works:

  • Cost is $350 annually for the entire institution and covers all individuals (Price is not per person).
  • Includes all regular Idealliance benefits such as:
    • Exclusive downloadable resources such as datasets, profiles, color targets, specifications, tools, “How-to” videos, BrandQ® webinars, workflows, leading specifications, and much, much more.
    • The Video Library which includes how-to step-by-step instruction around leading practices in short digestible videos covering areas from PANTONE to Expanded Gamut.
    • GAMUT®: Idealliance Weekly Podcast.
    • BrandQ® Webinar series including access to live webinars and the entire archive of past webinars.
    • Free downloadable Idealliance Guide to Print Production global publication—which is the Idealliance standards, specifications, leading practices and educational outline of our work.
    • Member exclusive forum where you can ask questions and get immediate answers in real-time from the Idealliance’s technical staff and fellow members.
  • Access to all the online certification courses which are normally $99-$395 each. No extra fee as, students, professors, and print center employees get total access—ALL are INCLUDED for only one (1) Annual Fee per Institution.

For only $350 per year, all students, educators, and print center employees will have access to all the Idealliance membership benefits plus over 89 hours of leading certification training and their exams.

Certification Courses Included:

  • Color Management Professional® (CMP) Fundamentals
  • Color Management Professional® (CMP) Digital Print
  • Color Management Professional® (CMP) Offset Print
  • Color Management Professional® (CMP) PreMedia
  • Color Management Professional® (CMP) Creative
  • Color Management Professional® (CMP) Master
  • Print Planning & Estimating (PPE) Digital
  • Print Planning & Estimating (PPE) Offset
  • Print Planning & Estimating (PPE) Flexo
  • Print Planning & Estimating (PPE) Wide-Format
  • Print Planning & Estimating (PPE) Master
  • MailPro® Fundamentals
  • MailPro® Advanced
  • G7® Process Control
  • BrandQ® Manager Online Training (Great for Designers and working in Packaging)

Learn more about Idealliance Online Training & Certification Courses

A great way you can help is by covering the cost of that membership for your local institution as a partner. It’s only $350 and you will be making a big difference for your local school. (This is for any educational institution in the industry: high school, vocational, technical, college or university—throughout the world!)

Plus get two free courses for your employees.

Many of these students could become your future employees and it would be great to have them receive Idealliance professional training to supplement their college level academic work.

Do you want to support and give back to your local college or university in a big way with a minimal investment and propel the future of the industry?

Why Are We Offering This?

Idealliance has always recognized that the youth are the future of our ongoing growth within our industry in a global and highly technical environment, and we support all the great work that our colleges and universities do.

We wanted to find a way that we could give them more and more, literally, everything we had to offer, beyond the global scholarships we provide around the world through the Idealliance Foundation. This generation is so important to our industry, we want them to have everything available to them to help them build upon their education, knowledge, certification and prepare them as best as we can to watch them make an indelible impact on our industry around the world.

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