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Navigating the current business environment is not easy. You don’t have to do it alone.

Mix in ever-changing technologies and customer demands, and a wide range of potential service offerings – all while managing a team – it becomes more and more challenging to sustain a compelling and profitable business.

Questions you may have:

  • What are best practices to evaluate and guide new product offerings?
  • What are underlying technology needs that support efficiencies and growth?
  • How do I better understand financial results to create profitable lines of business?
  • How can I compare notes with peers to address recurring problems?
  • What are strategies to effectively transition my business for the future?
  • How do I manage conventional and digital business lines?
  • What are my peers doing to hire effective sales and leadership teams?

We have the answers

Peer Groups are a terrific way for non-competing companies to create a network of like-minded executives to share best practices, evaluate financial performance, create a support network, and tackle critical issues that all companies face.  Most importantly, Idealliance utilizes its years of experience and expertise developing and facilitating Working Groups, providing all of the necessary tools and support to meet group objectives.

By using our marketing channels, depth of membership, and industry contacts, Idealliance is able to draw from our variety of analysts and experts to address the unique needs of each Peer Group.
We assemble a group of 8 to 10 companies based on a specific set of parameters, such as revenue/size, industry segment, or production capabilities.

But we need your participation.

Why Sign-up?
Your participation makes the Peer Groups function. Once you complete the Call for Participation, Idealliance will review and establish Peer Groups of parallel and complementing backgrounds, and will proceed with the following facilitation:

  • Meeting Coordination
  • Establish an operating agreement of confidentiality and anti-trust, along with ground rules of group function.
  • Coordinate the scheduling of two to three meetings per year, hosted at a member company location on a rotating basis.
  • Set-up an online community to ease communication and information exchange.

Content & Issues Development

  • Co-develop meeting agendas that guide discovery of underlying issues and find resolutions.
  • Facilitate meetings to ensure content is delivered as agreed and the Peer Group stays on track.
  • Collect, compile, and present financial data and key performance indicators for each meeting.
  • Provide a written debrief report after each meeting.


  • Arrange for hotels, meeting space, tours, transportation, and dinners
  • Specific customized content presented by Idealliance Consultants and other experts
  • Frame and provide Idealliance exclusive content tied to needs of Peer Group

Worth the investment

Attend two or three meetings per year at $500 per meeting, with a minimum of 8 participants in each Peer Group.

How do I sign up to participate?

To join an Idealliance Peer Group or support the formation of a new group, complete the Call for Participation form at The information you provide is strictly CONFIDENTIAL and is only used for internal purposes.

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Idealliance is a not-for-profit industry association, having served the graphic and visual communications industry since 1966.

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Idealliance technical and business management best practices and specifications set the standards for the industry and are continually advanced through the ground-breaking activities of its collaborative member-driven Working Groups.

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Idealliance certifies the highest levels of performance in the creation, production, and delivery of graphic communications across the total supply chain, from content creator and brand manager to print, marketing, mail, and fulfillment services providers.

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Idealliance offers specialized business management tools and services to help companies grow and improve profitability.

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Idealliance is a robust source of timely, dependable industry management and technical intelligence, provided through its periodicals and economic benchmarking reports.

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