Print Planning & Estimating: Wide-Format is the preeminent certification course for those involved in the wide-format print planning and estimating process. This course is presented by Idealliance, the leading certification body in the graphic communications industry. Delivered online, self-paced, and interactive, Print Planning & Estimating: Wide-format training features practical exercises to apply learning as lessons are completed, plus supplemental videos showing real-world application with MIS software and a Certification Exam to ensure recognition for learning and accomplishment.

Who Should Enroll:  Print media production professionals and managers

Cost:  $149

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Course Lessons

  • What You Will Be Learning And Why
  • The Print Procurement Process
  • Graphic Communications Business Dynamics
  • Open Book Management
  • Production Workflow & Equipment
  • Production Organization
  • Time Standards
  • Categories Of Paper
  • Many Other Substrates
  • Metric Paper Sizes & Weight
  • U.S. Paper Sizes And Weight
  • What About Rolls
  • Packaging Substrates
  • Pricing Rolls In US And Metric System
  • Pricing Cut Sheet Paper By 1000’s (USA)
  • Pricing Cut Sheet Paper By CWT (USA)  
  • Pricing Cut Sheet Paper Pricing In Metric
  • Press Considerations For Production Planning
  • Planning Practice: Flatbed Inkjet
  • Planning Practice: For Roll-Fed Inkjet
  • Basic Cost Estimating Concepts
  • Wide-Format Inkjet Printer Productivity Concepts
  • Wide-Format Flatbed Inkjet Cost Estimating
  • Wide-Format Roll-Fed Inkjet Cost Estimating
  • Absorption Costing vs. Variable Costing
  • Developing Hourly Rates For Cost Centers
  • Cost Estimating Creative Services
  • Cost Estimating Prepress & Proofing
  • Cost Estimating Inkjet Ink
  • Estimating Cutting Table Costs
  • Final Certification Exam
  • Certification Information

    • Passing online exam with 80% proficiency qualifies the learner for professional certification and inclusion in the Idealliance database of certified experts.
    • Certificates are automatically generated and distributed via email upon successful completion of the course.
    • Upon successful completion you will be certified for 2 years.

    Purchase Print Planning & Estimating Wide-Format Print Course Now!


    Print Planning & Estimating is a comprehensive suite of online training and professional development courses for print professionals, teams, and managers. Print Planning & Estimating courses cover core planning and estimating concepts applicable to any print service provider. Print Planning & Estimating courses will improve skills in essential planning and estimating principles that are critical to a Print Service Provider’s profitability and one’s own personal development.

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