Idealliance is an active and effective ally on behalf of its members with legislators, legislative bodies, governmental agencies and commissions, and the public at large. It serves as a member advocate on a wide variety of industry-related concerns, including those related to mailing and other key industry service areas, standards development and approval, and other special issues.

Idealliance provides Industry advocacy in four key areas:

  1. Federal Government – Idealliance, in conjunction with its professional lobbyist, actively works to further industry issues with members of Congress and numerous government agencies and commissions. It puts special, but not exclusive, emphasis on issues related to the future of the Postal Service, which is determined to a significant extent by Congressional legislation.
  2. US Postal Service – Idealliance actively works with USPS leadership to develop policies and practices that work equally well for both industry and the Postal Service. Idealliance members represent one of the largest and most significant USPS business partners.
  3. Standards Bodies – Idealliance advocates on behalf of its members’ Working Groups to advance approval of their standards development with standards bodies such as the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
  4. Special Issues – As with all other Idealliance services, its advocacy efforts are member-driven. In addition to general industry issues, such as mailing and process standards, Idealliance is an advocate for its members on special issues they identify as timely and relevant to their businesses, addressing those in broad spectrum of decision-making roles on their behalf.

Representing the entire omnichannel media supply chain, Idealliance is uniquely positioned to provide industry leadership on key issues affecting the industry and its members. It also works collaboratively with other industry groups and associations, industry partners, and other stakeholders to help its members meet today’s complex industry challenges.

Idealliance fulfills its advocacy mission through a variety of activities, including:

  • Meetings with Government Officials, including members of Congress, the Postmaster General of the United States, The Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) and the Office of the Postal Inspector General (OIG).. Idealliance’s professional lobbyist, staff, and members meet with officials throughout the year to discuss issues of concern to its members.

Although the association has a long history of advocacy on behalf of the mailing and fulfillment industry, its legislative focus is now expanding beyond a primary concentration on postal issues. In connection with the results of a “Public Policy Member Survey” conducted by the association in the late summer of 2016, Idealliance’s public policy focus now includes advocacy outreach related to the member-identified issues of labor and employment policies and healthcare costs.

  • Career & Professional Development Initiative (CPDI). Idealliance has also launched an initiative in 2016 to help meet the industry’s staffing challenges in filling both traditional and non-traditional roles. As part of this initiative, it is working with a number of educational institutions to develop undergraduate and graduate multi-channel graphic and visual communications programs that will prepare students with the advanced skill sets now required by an evolving graphic communications industry.
  • Coalition for a 21st Century Postal Service. Idealliance is an executive member of the Coalition, an advocacy organization comprising mailers, suppliers, and trade associations united in the interest of preserving a postal system that remains indispensable to American commerce and communications.
  • The Mailers’ Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC). Idealliance is an active member of MTAC, a group composed of major mailing associations and organizations working with the Postal Service to enhance the value of mail and eliminate obstacles to mail growth.

For information on Idealliance advocacy or to offer your suggestions and input on issues that are of interest to you, please contact President & CEO David Steinhardt at (703)837-1066.

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