This society is an honors recognition organization for print, mail, and fulfillment leaders. The society is an asset to our industry as it brings together and honors industry professionals who have made outstanding contributions to the development and progress of our industry.

History of the Soderstrom Society

The Soderstrom Society was created by NAPL and named after Walter E. Soderstrom, one of the association’s founders and its first paid executive.

The Society’s origins go back to the 1930s, when spontaneous fellowship gatherings of NAPL leaders typically followed its meetings and conventions. The first Walter E. Soderstrom Award for outstanding industry leadership was presented in 1961, and, on September 15, 1970, the organization itself was formalized as the Walter E. Soderstrom Society. The society now includes honorees from all industry segments.

Who are the Society’s Members?

In its early days, membership to the Society was limited to NAPL members. In recent years, the Society has become a more broad-based honors society for leaders from all industry segments, including not only print, mail, fulfilment, and marketing service providers, but journalists, educators, and vendor representatives. The Society is made up of industry professionals who have made outstanding contributions to the development and progress of the industry.

Each year Society members submit nominations for new Soderstrom members, and a Soderstrom Society committee reviews and selects approximately 10-12 new Society members.

What is the Walter E. Soderstrom Award?

The Walter E. Soderstrom Award is given annually to a Soderstrom Society member in recognition of outstanding contributions to the industry and/or service to the association. The Soderstrom Award winner and new Soderstrom Society inductees are honored at the annual Soderstrom Recognition Dinner, held in conjunction with the industry‘s Graph Expo trade show.

What is the annual Soderstrom Recognition Dinner?

Each year, owners of leading industry companies, executives of major industry suppliers, and journalists from the best-read industry media put the Walter E. Soderstrom Recognition Dinner on their “must attend” list. And with good reason. It is a convocation of top industry thought leaders who come together to celebrate industry accomplishments, cement business friendships, and meet upcoming industry movers and shakers.

Why Should You Attend?

The Soderstrom Dinner and the cocktail reception that precedes it present the ideal opportunity for an in-person meeting and network opportunity with industry leaders you can add to your circle of business acquaintances.

Soderstrom Award Winners:

2017: Guy Gecht

2016: Joel Quadracci

2015: Tom Duchene

2014: Nigel Worme

2013: David C. Pitts

2012: John Saxton

2011: Keith Kemp

2010: Stephen Johnson

2009: Gerald Nathe

2008: Joan B. Davidson

2007: Joseph A. Becker

2006: David Branch

2005: Harris DeWese

2004: Jim Hyder

2003: Gregg Van Wert

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