Mail.XML™ is bringing a paradigm change to the industry by increasing business function specific B2B (Business to Business) communication within the industry that supports automation and in the end enables cost avoidance and higher profits through improved competence and effectiveness of communication. Mail.XML is designed to increase efficiency and lower costs by removing many manual data entry processes and enabling quick near real time communication between business partners.

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Mail.XML currently supports container based scheduling, pick up and drop off business processes, as well as identifying different business entities responsible for performing different services such as quality of mailing, address correction, and delivery confirmation on a mailing. The core focus of Mail.XML is communication between industry members and from industry to the final mail processing and delivery organization that delivers the mail to the end consumer, e.g., USPS.

In the next few versions of Mail.XML the focus moves across mailing supply chain channels, and includes advanced functions such as payment; automated verification; enabling first, second, and third party communication and incorporating presort planning, printing, and distribution processes.

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