Idealliance, is a “Liason A” to the ISO Standards Technical Committee. Idealliance is a committee member to the U.S. Technical Advisory Group (USTAG) to ISO Technical Committee 130. As well as a member of Parent Committee for the Committee for Graphic Arts Technical Standards (CGATS). We have recognized Global Experts on staff that participate in voting, writing, influencing, and shaping both U.S. and Global printing standards.

Liaisons A: Organizations that make an effective contribution to the work of the technical committee or subcommittee for questions dealt with by this technical committee or subcommittee.

Standards Published in 2016

  • ISO 5776:2016, Graphic technology — Symbols for text proof correction
    Specifies symbols for use in copy preparation and proof correction, in alphabetic and logographic languages. This standard is applicable to text submitted for correction, whatever the nature or presentation (i.e., manuscripts, typescripts, printer’s proofs, etc.), and marking up copy for all methods of composition.
  • ISO 12641-1:2016, Graphic technology — Prepress digital data exchange — Colour targets for input scanner calibration — Part 1: Colour targets for input scanner calibration
    Defines the layout and colorimetric values of targets for the calibration of a photographic product/input scanner combination used in the preparatory process for printing and publishing. One target is defined for positive colour transparency film, with another target defined for colour photographic paper.
  • ISO 12647-7:2016, Graphic technology — Process control for the production of halftone colour separations, proof and production prints — Part 7: Proofing processes working directly from digital data
    Specifies requirements for systems used to produce hard-copy digital proof prints intended to simulate a printing condition defined by a set of characterization data; includes recommendations for appropriate test methods associated with these requirements.
  • ISO/TS 15311-1:2016, Graphic technology — Requirements for printed matter for commercial and industrial production — Part 1: Measurement methods and reporting schema
    Defines print metrics, measurement methods, and reporting requirements for printed sheets that are suitable for all classes of printed products.
  • ISO 16762:2016, Graphic technology — Post-press — General requirements for transfer, handling, and storage
    Specifies requirements for the handling, storage, and transfer of printed products between printing and post-press, and also identifies information that may be necessary for the successful completion of post-press operations (job ticket), including specifics for the handling of materials used within the post-press operation.
  • ISO 16763:2016Graphic technology — Post-press — Requirements for bound products
    Specifies quality requirements and tolerances of bound products and intermediate components; applicable to products requiring industrial binding, for example: books, magazines, catalogues and brochures.
  • ISO 17972-2:2016, Graphic technology — Colour data exchange format (CxF/X) — Part 2: Scanner target data (CxF/X-2)
    Defines an exchange format for target input values, colour, and process control data relating to scanner targets, and the associated metadata necessary for its proper interpretation, in electronic form. This standard includes the use of a CustomResource element within the CxF framework to define a minimum set of data for exchange, and identify the data as being part of ISO 12641.
  • ISO 18620:2016, Graphic technology — Prepress data exchange — Tone adjustment curves Exchange 
    Specifies a simple extensible format for the exchange of tone adjustment curves between applications including, but not limited to, colour management, calibration, and raster image processor systems.
  • ISO 19445:2016, Graphic technology — Metadata for graphic arts workflow — XMP metadata for image and document proofing
    Specifies the set of metadata to be used to communicate the approval status, proof preparation, and viewing parameters for images and documents used in the graphic arts print production workflow.


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