The Instrument Inspector is a serialized, pre-measured physical target designed to…

  • Verify the stability of spectrophotometer devices over time.
  • Assess any influence your software may introduce to the measurement result.
  • Define and validate how an instrument measures color.

Why use an Instrument Inspector?

  1. Adding a regular process of measuring color to any print production workflow has been proven to save money by reducing scrap, production downtime, off-color product, and re-work.
  2. Precise tools for measuring color output provides organizations the confidence to formulate, evaluate, and control color to meet quality and operational goals.
  3. Using a spectral instrument that has drifted out of compliance can cost your company thousands of dollars in lost time, bad proofs, re-work, and lost customer confidence.

Purchase Instrument Inspector

Access the Instrument Inspector set of manuals by clicking any of the links below.

  1. Instrument Inspector – How does it work?
  2. Why use Instrument Inspector?
  3. Instrument Inspector Target
  4. Baselines and data averaging
  5. How to start-up?
  6. Instrument Inspector menus – how to navigate?
  7. Easy mode / Expert mode
  8. Data sharing
  9. Instrument’s comparison
  10. Instrument’s compatibility list
  11. General rules
  12. FAQ
  13. Tricks and Tips

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